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NET NEUTRALITY IS DEAD On 12/14/2017, the FCC killed Net Neutrality. There is still time to save it. What is Net Neutrality? Article by NPR: NPR’s statement against the repeal of Net Neutrality: How to save Net Neutrality: How to write congress with ResistBot: ❤️ Avery Miller :3 Want to…
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-$1548 Per Year

-$1548 Per Year You can also watch my videos on Vimeo ( or on my website (! ALLSOO check out Tomu (, Doqqueen (, and my T-shirt store! AWESOME fan art by @RabidRatRuby, @FritzKangaroo, and @remorgues! ❤️ Avery Miller :3 Want to support my videos? or Want to watch my videos on…
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3D Printing Furry Stuff in COLOR!

3D Printing Furry Stuff in COLOR! Today I 3D print furry stuff in freakin’ COLOR! Thanks to Shapeways (more specifically, Lise at Shapeways) for providing the prints!

Hello world!

HELLLO! I’ve just launched the new website! That being said, I’m not planning on adding all my videos to the site, so if you want to checkout older videos just head over to YouTube.