My Proposal for a Martian Flag

I recently saw a really neat VSauce video about Mars, and one thing that was pointed out is that Mars doesn’t yet have an official flag yet. There is one (composed of a green, red, and blue stripe) that has been recognized by many as the Martian Flag, and has even been to space under that pretense.

That being said, since it isn’t set in stone (and probably won’t be for a long time), I thought I’d give it a shot to design my own flag.

(The other thing that bothered me about this current flag is that the colors don’t really convey any information about the planet; there certainly isn’t anything wrong with that, but with my design I wanted it be largely representative, and intuitive. It sorta turned out like that, more later!)

This got me thinking about some interesting flag-related things I never have really thought about: what sorta standards are there for designing flags? (Interestingly, as outlined by the principles of flag design, one of the main things to think about is how a flag will look when blowing in the wind. Now, obviously, wind isn’t consistent across planets— Mars’ fastest winds clock in at a relatively slow 60mph— so that didn’t help me too much.) Does Earth even have a flag yet? (There are a few concepts for a flag that would represent earth, like the United Nation’s flag, or maybe the flag proposed by Oskar Pernefeldt seen here.)

But after a bit of thought, and taking my flag designing experience into account, I figured simplicity was my friend.

I ended up deciding it would have two circles; the first representing Earth, which would be in blue, and the second representing Mars, in red. Each circle’s diameter, in pixels, is about equal to each planet’s radius. (Why? I’m a bit of an idiot is why. I set the diameters to be equal to the radii of the planets. Doesn’t make much sense, I know. Another thing to note: the original image size was 900 by 540, but since I saved it as an .svg at higher resolution, the circles aren’t going to have the same diameter as previously mentioned, although their size will be accurate relative to each other. Now that I think about it, if you scale the flag to 1800 by 1080 instead, the diameters of each circle should be about equal to each planet’s diameter, dur. It’s a weekend, what can I say.)

It’s really late here, so I’m going to wrap this up: It needs a bit of work, but I think it fulfils what I set out to do. If you’d like to use the design, please go ahead! (Public domain people! Heck ya!)