NICK WILDE BOOTLEG STATUE from Avery Miller on Vimeo.

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❤️ Avery Miller :3
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Written, Produced, Directed, Animated, and Edited by Avery Miller
Also Produced by ChipFlake, The Ocelot 4000, Magic, Jamie Jarman, Empathy Nighter, Dex the Wulfaz
Huge thanks to @M0NSTERMutt for drawing my profile picture (, and GlitchMutt for making my banner!
Also, thanks to SeaSickSquid (…) and Cravinnie (…) for making profile pictures for me in the past!
(All credits are accurate as of the upload date!)
Other music by Kevin MacLeod (From; Licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 3.0) or Epidemic Sound
My gear (Affiliate links):
YI M1 4K Camera –
Blue Snowball iCE Microphone –
Adobe Premiere Pro –
Adobe After Effects –
*stay fluffy lol :3*

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