Forcing AI to Make My Art Better

Forcing AI to Make My Art Better from Avery Miller on Vimeo.

Can I use AI to make my doodles better? Nope!
Thanks to the following people for fan art! (Cory’s drawing is in the thumbnail as well!),,,,
❤️ Avery Miller :3
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Written, Produced, Directed, Animated, and Edited by Avery Miller
Also Produced by ChipFlake, The Ocelot 4000, Magic, Jamie Jarman, Empathy Nighter, Dex the Wulfaz
Huge thanks to @M0NSTERMutt for drawing my profile picture (, and GlitchMutt for making my banner!
Also, thanks to SeaSickSquid ( and Cravinnie (!) for making profile pictures for me in the past!
(All credits are accurate as of the upload date!)
Other music by Kevin MacLeod (From; Licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 3.0) or Epidemic Sound
My gear (Affiliate links):
YI M1 4K Camera –
Blue Snowball iCE Microphone –
Adobe Premiere Pro –
Adobe After Effects –
*stay fluffy lol :3*

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